Texas Boy Catches Great White Shark

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Six-year-old Houstonian Blake White hoped he would catch a stripped bass while on vacation with his family in Cape Cod. He definitely did not expect to snag a 10-12 foot great white shark!

Blake told KHOU he thought he caught a submarine since the object on the line felt so strong and large. After asking his dad for help with the fishing pole, they both struggled for 30 minutes until the shark surfaced.

There was enough time for them to snap a picture and see that the line had caught the big creature’s left pectoral fin. Another half an hour later, they were able to release the shark, cut the line and set the great white free. All the while, the family stayed mindful and kept away from the edges of the boat.

With the photographs they took, the Atlantic Great White Shark Conservancy confirmed the shark sighting as a great white. Seeing a great white deep in the Bay and not in the “outer Cape” is very rare. Of course, catching one on a fishing line is even more rare!

Even though the catch was incredibly exciting, Blake modestly hopes to “catch a smaller fish” the next time he goes fishing.