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Pflugerville Boy Becomes Cyber-Security Expert, Gives Lectures, and Starts Nonprofit

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Pflugerville resident Reuben Paul showed KVUE how easily a hacker can infiltrate into a “smart toy,” like a talking teddy bear, and record everything said inside the room. Not many adults would consider the cyber security risk of a toy, but 11-year-old Rueben already has technology safety on the brain.

This impressive kid doesn’t have a precocious attitude, yet, he’s already a successful businessman and cyber security expert! After learning the ropes from his father, Reuben showed a real knack for teaching and even leading lectures. Now, he travels the world giving speeches on how to stay cyber-safe.

“Basic security knowledge like default passwords and open ports and securing your firewalls is very important because that’s what’s most vulnerable,” he told the news. If any of that went over your head, Reuben can help you out. He’s developed a series of lessons and courses that you can access for free on his website, CyberShaolin, where he explains that his mission is to “Promote and Improve the Awareness & Education of CyberSecurity & Technology to Kids and Adults.

Some of the main points he tries to drive home are the “three T’s,” which are “don’t talk,” “don’t take,” and “don’t trust.” Rueben hopes that by spreading the knowledge he’s received, more people will keep their personal information safe online.