Boy Delivers Hundreds of Pizzas to Flood Victims on His Birthday

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Carson Boutte recently turned 9-years-old. Instead of asking for a party filled with presents to unwrap, he wanted to give away a hot meal to flood victims.

Louisiana endured over 20 inches of rain in only a couple of days. The rising water devastated an estimated 40,000+ homes, and it has left many people with the overwhelming stress of cleaning up their water-damaged houses.

Boutte thought that the people dealing with the aftermath of a big flood deserved to take a break with some delicious food. And as every 9-year-old knows, pizza is one of the best foods to surprise people with.

Boutte decided to deliver a few dozen pizzas to the flood victims himself. Once social media, friends, and family got involved, the number jumped up to over 360 pizzas!

Lacey Viator was one of the recipients of the much-needed meal. Fox 5 quotes her as saying, “For a 9-year-old to even think to help people. It’s amazing. Everybody is here. Everybody brings stuff and for him to get 300 and something pizzas delivered. He probably didn’t even have pizza but he brought it for everybody else.”

We could all learn from Boutte’s selflessness when there are so many people in need of a little help.