Boy Finds His Homeless Mother After Watching a Popular YouTube Video

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Brooke Roberts, a 19-year-old YouTuber, posted a video called “Feeding the Homeless” showing him giving away food in downtown Los Angeles. Only 10 days after uploading the piece, he received an email from a man named Eddie whose child saw Roberts’s video and immediately recognized his mother, and Eddie’s ex-partner, Jamie.

Jamie had been missing, and due to her mental instability, she ended up homeless. Her little boy wanted nothing more but to find her, and Roberts and Eddie were up to the task. It took a few days, but they were able to locate her. Soon, she was reunited with her son, and the way the two hugged each other is incredibly touching. The little boy obviously loves his mother but understands that she isn’t well. She appears to be head over heels to see how great her son is doing.

Since Jamie obviously needs help getting back on her feet, Roberts started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the mother. The last update was written in August, and it says that they’re hoping to get her an ID soon (which is difficult to do without an address) so she can fly to Florida where her family lives.