Little Boy Plays the Invisible Recorder During His Recital

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On June 1st, Aashna Belenje posted a video to Twitter of her adorable little brother at his recorder recital in Saratoga, California, but the performance didn’t exactly go as planned. Avik lost his recorder the day before, so he showed up at his music class recital empty handed. Instead of giving him another instrument or allowing him to sit the performance out, his teacher said the show must go on with Avik included. He was told to play an invisible instrument, or as Buzzfeed calls it, the “air recorder.”

Aashna said to Buzzfeed, “He was so embarrassed to just be playing the air,” but that didn’t stop her from posting the video online! Sadly, she says that “after that performance, Avik definitely doesn’t wanna pursue music,” but his big yawn in the middle of the song shows that maybe he wasn’t that into it in the first place. 

As the Daily Mail points out, some people thought it wasn’t very kind of the teacher to make him stand in the front since he would already stick out like a sore thumb being instrument-less. But Avik really made the most of it, attempting to “play along” as best as he could.