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12-Year-Old Texas Boy Sells Salsa to Pay for College

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Jacob Johnson, a 12-year-old boy who attends Salyards Middle School in Cypress, Texas, already has a small business of his very own. In order to start saving up for college, Jacob makes a special brand of salsa.

After two years of experimenting with a recipe in his family’s kitchen, Jacob knew he had achieved something tasty after he started grilling his own peppers. “I never imagined it would get this good. I took it to school and I let some of my friends have it and they were like ‘Man this is really good, do you sell this?'” Jacob told KHOU.

Sales for Jake’s Atomic Salsa is helping him save up for college. He hopes to take extra classes in the summer to jumpstart his career going into geology studies at Texas A&M University.

The salsa sells for $5 for a small jar and $10 for a large. Those who are curious and want to try some of Jake’s Atomic Salsa for themselves, he has a Facebook page and website up where customers can place orders and take a peek behind the scenes. The photos of the ingredients are mouthwatering all on their own!