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Special Needs Kerrville Boy Accidentally Set on Fire

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A boy with special needs was playing in a shed with three other boys when they decided to start a fire. One of the boys poured gasoline on the fire to make it bigger, and when he tossed the can aside it hit 10-year-old Kayden Culp. Flames formed a trail from the fire back to the gas can and Culp was then engulfed in flames.

According to News4SA.com, the incident occurred on Sunday afternoon off Wallace Street in Kerrville. On Wednesday evening, the fire marshal reported they had taken a juvenile into custody who they believed was responsible for the fire. At this time, they have charged him with  first-degree arson. The fire marshal has not released the suspect’s name.

Sadly, Culp who was placed in a medically-induced coma and is on a ventilator at University Hospital suffered burns over twenty percent of this body. An update made by relative via social media says as of today, Culp is experiencing some minor improvements with some reduction in swelling and stabilization of this heart and blood pressure.

Culp shows signs of autism and has trouble speaking and hearing and his family believes that the other boys had it in for Kayden and that the attack was premeditated. However, investigators are calling Culp’s injuries an accident.  A YouCaring Crowdfunding page is available to help the family with medical expenses.