Big Brawl Outside South Texas Dairy Queen

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In an embarrassing display of youthful aggression, a brawl broke out next to a Dairy Queen in Corpus Christi.

Last Friday, a man was walking to the nearby Sonic Drive-In when he happened to walk into a fight scene. He filmed the scene and put it on his Facebook.

The video taken in the dark of night shows one person falling to the ground while still receiving a beating. The overall scene included women wearing dresses and men dressed in jeans and t-shirts fighting in a large, confusing, and energetically angry group.

The fight seemed to break up once a police siren whooped and the cop car arrived. Residents of the neighborhood are wondering what happened and how it can be prevented from ever happening again. Unfortunately, no one seems to have any clear idea of what caused the scuffle that night.

The blurry video from A.J. Sanders’s Facebook page that reached over 102, 000 views can be seen here.

Perhaps by now the fighters wish they had just enjoyed a chocolate dipped cone at the Dairy Queen instead. Who wants to fight when the alternative is a cold, delicious treat?