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Brawl in San Marcos Apartment Complex Goes Viral

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No one at a pool party in a San Marcos apartment complex suspected a fight would break out, and they certainly couldn’t have predicted the video would go viral, but that’s exactly what happened. The 40-second clip was filmed by Twitter user @WhiteBoy_Ejyay, who was attending a pool party with other Texas State University students when the brawl broke out.

Reportedly, the fight took place at Capstone Cottages, which typically houses Texas State University students, but MySA.com was unable to confirm with the apartment complex if this did in fact take place on their property. Additionally, MySA.com wrote that San Marcos director of communications Kristi Wyatt stated the city knows the brawl took place, but “there were no calls for service to the San Marcos Police Department related to the brawl in the video.”

Despite the lack of intervention from authorities, the news of the pool party fight spread quickly along with the video. The recording shows tension mounting between young men, followed by wildly thrown punches, tackling and even a punch that results in someone flipping backwards into the pool.

For the most part, the crowd around the multi-man brawl seems to be more interested in encouraging it or filming it than stopping the fight. The viral video quickly earned thousands of retweets and likes, making the rounds on the internet.

Have you ever been present when a brawl like this broke out? How do you think you’d react? By finding a way out to safety and sanity as soon as possible, or by standing around and recording the fight? We certainly can’t recommend the latter course of action. While it might make for compelling video, it’s a bit depressing to think what recordings like this reveal about humanity and our modern society at large, don’t you think?