Bring Back Carbs: Bread Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Feast

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Though you may think you don’t like bread at the holidays, you likely have not had good bread on the table. A package of warmed rolls from a grocery store bakery won’t suffice, especially when you think of the other amazing sides the bread must compete with. This year, bring bread recipes back to the forefront of your meal and pin these great options to make for your Thanksgiving feast.

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

Bread Recipes Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

Photo: Pinterest/Carlsbad Cravings

This Thanksgiving, forget the grocery store packages of Hawaiian rolls and make your own. This recipe from Carlsbad Cravings makes it easy to prepare your own fresh rolls. You won’t go back to packaged rolls again after this. Add this to your repertoire of bread recipes for this Thanksgiving and for any other time you want a special bread.

Flour Tortillas

Bread Recipes Flour Tortillas

Photo: Pinterest/Grow a Good Life

One of the great things about living in Texas is the ability to serve a Tex-Mex meal without anyone batting an eye. If you prefer turkey tacos to a roasted bird this year, why not serve a side of your own homemade flour tortillas? This recipe from Grow a Good Life uses just four ingredients to make warm, soft flour tortillas you can use at the table or for repurposing leftovers after turkey day.

Better Than Texas Roadhouse Rolls

Bread Recipes Better Than Texas Roadhouse Rolls

Photo: Pinterest/The Log Home Kitchen

Buttery, soft rolls draw many to Texas Roadhouse, a steakhouse chain that serves up Texas-sized portions of state favorites. You won’t have to order extra rolls from the restaurant for your Thanksgiving this year if you make this recipe from The Log Home Kitchen instead. With just a little bit of sweetness and a rich, buttery taste, you may forgo some sides to double up on your serving of these tasty rolls.

Pretzel Rolls

Bread Recipes Pretzel Rolls

Photo: Pinterest/Chef Savvy

Inspired by Texas history and heritage when planning your Thanksgiving feast? Why not incorporate German sausage and these pretzel rolls from Chef Savvy? Though unlike traditional pretzel rolls topped with salt, these get a sprinkling of poppy and sesame seeds. Feel free to substitute salt if you prefer. Make extra and use the leftovers for turkey sandwich sliders the day after Thanksgiving.

Brioche Braid

Bread Recipes Brioche Braid

Photo: Pinterest/Woman Scribbles

Though many bread recipes you might think of to make for a holiday dinner are for rolls, don’t discount preparing an entire loaf. This braided brioche from Woman Scribbles stands out for its eye-catching design. It’s not as difficult as it looks to make this braided ring. The brioche bread tastes sweet, rich, and dense, which makes it an ideal partner for the many highly flavorful holiday foods you’ll have on Thanksgiving.