National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What’s Happening in Texas

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and early detection is vital. Organized by major breast cancer charities, this month of awareness was first designed as an international campaign to bring light to detection, treatment, survival rates, and supports available for those dealing with the disease, and has since become very recognizable on the calendar.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What’s Happening in Texas

Photo: Facebook/Nina Wariz

On the Susan G. Komen North Texas website, corporations that are coordinating fundraising events in support of the initiative are being recognized, while in numerous newspapers throughout cities and towns in the Lone Star State, a variety of seminars, activities, fundraising runs and walks as well as support groups are highlighted in local notices.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What’s Happening in Texas

Photo: Facebook/Itsuo Nodono

Similarly, the Central Texas Medical Center’s website has a listing of recent support events for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which has become part of an annual campaign of awareness, healing, and family care, as it looks to include sons, daughters, husbands, and extended families in activities that help patients with the disease. Providing free mammograms, identifying Texas corporate citizens that are fundraising, providing research updates, and details on local fun events, the site helps to enrich the lives of those going through the process or wanting to support the process by bringing them together. If you’re looking for annual National Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities in your part of Texas, a quick Google search will provide the details. Become involved, learn more about the disease, and help a friend or family member along the way.