Brew in Comfort… Texas, That Is

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The moon shines bright in Texas in more ways than one. The Texas Hill Country offers moonshine of various kinds, in one town in particular—Comfort. Home brews are made today, some legal and others not. Federal laws say a household with two adults can brew as much as 200 gallons of wine or beer each year, but those tasty drinks are not the same as the harder spirits. A few states allow a brew of White Lightning, but the best way to enjoy the beverage is through a legal distillery, like Texas Hill Country Distillers in Comfort, Texas.

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So, where does “moonshine” derive its name? According to rumors and legends, the white whiskey came to America in the late 18th century, mainly from Irish immigrants. These settlers called it ‘Gaelic.’ Oh, what’s that? You don’t speak Gaelic? Well, okay, a morsel of English is in order. The word translates to “water of life.” Distillers usually brewed their concoction during moonlit hours. The brew was illegal—thereby the “water of life” became moonshine or white lightening. Today, the catchy term is often used as a marketing tool for legal brews and you will find a variety of the good stuff brewed in Comfort, Texas in the Texas Hill Country.

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How about wine made from cactus? Thirst quenchers made by Texas Hill Country Distillers include wine made from cacti. Texas has plenty of that plant, so why not use it for wine? You may find a drink called Cactus Moonshine or Jalapeno Moonshine, or Moonshine Gin. You’ll find an interesting perusal of beverages in Comfort, Texas, and if you are feeling creative, how about invent one? Ask for Sagebrush Moonshine. If they don’t have it, perhaps they’ll make it and you’ll find it on the menu the next time you are in the area.

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Plan a visit to comfort around tastings of brews and delicious food. Then, enjoy the scenery and antique shops.If you are looking for a quaint, small Texas town with plenty of picturesque interest and delicious drinks, then look no further than Comfort, Texas. The moon and sun shine on charming rolling hills and nearby lakes and rivers. Take your moonshine on a picnic.

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After a jaunt in the country where you enjoy Mother Nature, return to Comfort’s downtown area. Comfort is famous for the historic, business district. Many structures go back to the 19th century. Take the time to have a chat with one of the “old-timers.” You might visit with one of the descendants from one of the original families who arrived in the 1800’s. And if you are lucky, he or she might give you a taste of their favorite moonshine.