Houston Brewery Offers Free Beer For Life in Return for Investment

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The possibility of free beer for life is closer than you think! Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company has made such an offer in return for an investment of $1,000. Is it worth it to you? To assist in the process of raising money for their multi-million-dollar Houston, Texas tap room, the brewery made the unique offer and has been getting a great response.

Set to be constructed in the historic First Ward of Houston, the $14 million tap room will feature a nameplate with your name engraved on it as a contributor, should you be so bold/brave as to determine this is a worthy investment. The plates of all donors will be set on a contributor wall which, if you know anything about Texas, is bound to be big.

“One beer per day until the end of your days,” Taylor Stephenson, marketing coordinator for Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company, explained to ABC 7. “You can come into our tap room. You can come in and enjoy anything on the tap wall.” With plans to open the doors to its tap room at the close of 2018, at the time this article was written, 353 investors had stepped forward to the tune of over $534 thousand dollars. The investment window was also still open and would remain so for 122 more days. Marketing themselves on NextSeed (a crowdfunding resource platform), Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company has described their company as, “Houston’s most creative brewery…” with a “…Full-service kitchen and over 40 beers on tap, open 7 days a week.”