Texas College Campus Warned About Roaming Mountain Lion

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Brookhaven College (part of the Dallas County Community College District) sent out a warning to students that a mountain lion or bobcat might be roaming on campus. School officials say that a large creature was on the move from the campus power plant to the archery range on Saturday afternoon.

Even though animal control came out and say they found footprints belonging to a large cat, Texas Parks and Wildlife urban biologist, Sam Kieschnick, believes that the footprints were more likely left by a coyote or even a stray dog.

Kieschnick told Fox 4 News, “With the bobcat, typically we are talking 15 to 30 pounds. Mountain lion 70 to give or take 170…To hear of one moving through the area is incredibly unlikely — not to say it’s impossible. But it’s very, very unlikely, but nonetheless we still will take these claims serious so we do want to come out and investigate.”

Mountain lions usually live out in the Texas Hill Country, south of the Dallas area, or in northwest Texas. Kieschnick said mistakenly identifying an animal is easy to do especially when it’s wandering through an unlikely area. Texas Parks and Wildlife set out a trap, so the mystery might be solved soon.