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Bruce Robison Releases Career Defining Album

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Bruce Robison released his first album in nearly 10 years, and it is his best album yet. He displays just how prolific his artistic, storytelling ability spans the decades and has come full circle with his latest critically acclaimed album. Bruce being one of the most respected songwriters in Country & Americana music, he has recently held the #2 spot on the Americana charts with songs that have evolved into hits for Dixie Chicks (Travelin’ Soldier), George Strait (Wrapped), and Tim McGraw (Angry All the Time) and the list goes on and on.

Photo: Facebook/Bruce Robinson

The album is lyric-centric and is typical of Robison. His songs range from beautiful ballads such as ” Lake of Fire” to a playful and uptempo cover of “Squeezebox” written by Pete Townshend from the “The Who” topped the charts in 1975. Bruce’s own”Honky Tonk Ramblin’ Man” rocks the house, no electric guitar needed. It is a quintessential dance hall jam session.

There is so much authenticity that Bruce conveys through the album. The simplistic nature is behind Bruce’s brilliance. His lyrics speak for themselves, not needing much else to compliment his voice but a beautiful steel guitar, which is featured elegantly throughout the album. The steel guitar quietly nods to traditional, timeless country, yet his songwriting prowess is contemporary Americana, and it quite a contrasting and striking combination. Combined with Bruce’s lyrics, style, and honesty, the band and album deliver an incendiary collaboration.

Photo: Facebook/ Bruce Robison

“Sweet Dreams” arguably the best song of the album is written by Bruce himself, which also features his wife Kelly Willis singing harmony. The song’s introductory chord progression is reminiscent of Bruce’s “Wrapped,” and the song has the same sweet spot that makes you want to twirl across the dance floor. It would be another perfectly written song for George Strait to cover.

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