Bryan Cranston Left A Hidden Gift at Dallas Airport

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“Is this real?” Makenna Enfinger wondered on her Twitter page. The post was accompanied by a photo of a book she picked up in the Hudson News store at the Dallas Love Field airport last Wednesday. Inside the book, the author had written a note and even left a receipt showing that he had purchased the book for the lucky finder to take it for free. The author was none other than celebrated actor Bryan Cranston.

Cranston’s memoir, “A Life in Parts,” came out on October 11th. It chronicles his childhood, his rise to fame and how he developed the iconic characters he’s played like Walter White and President Lyndon Johnson.

Some people may feel skeptical about the situation, but according to Fox 4, Enfinger found the book on the same day that Cranston appeared at SMU to do a reading of his memoir. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed that the book was in fact signed and left by him, it does seem very likely due to the timing and Cranston’s playful personality .

Enfinger has followed up on social media, saying, “The book is amazing! So interestingly written, so glad I found it!”