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Buc-ee’s Just Got Even More Incredible with New Bathroom Technology

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The beloved Texas-chain of convenience stores Buc-ee’s has outdone itself again. Not only are they touted as having the cleanest bathroom around of any pit stop along your route between Texas towns, but they’ve kicked it up a notch by installing Tooshlights. The lights are a welcome aid in letting the customer know when a stall is available by signaling with a green light when the stall is free and red when it’s taken.

Making a pit stop at this beloved store is a must for any Texas traveler. Being able to navigate through one of the busiest bathrooms with the help of this new technology will aim to reduce the time you wait in line so that you can get to the really important reason for stopping at Buc-ee’s, the incredible snacks!

Buc-ee’s Just Got Even More Incredible with New Bathroom Technology

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Jeff Nadalo, General Counsel for Buc-ee’s, shared the following statement with click2houston, “With the Tooshlights technology our customers can quickly navigate the busy restrooms, providing them with an even better overall experience.” The Tooshlights system is currently being installed in the Katy and Temple, Texas, Buc-ee’s with plans to install them in all new Buc-ee’s stops and rolling them out to existing stores over the coming months.

So you do not only get the most “bang for your buck” with snacks galore, and Icee flavors to tempt your taste buds, but your quick trip through the bathroom allows for more time to shop for those beloved beaver nuggets and fresh warm, sugar-coated pecans to complete any trip.

Are you a fan of Buc-ee’s? Do you see a difference in wait times? Or are you just there for the scrumptious food to keep up your strength for the road trip ahead? We think you’ll likely agree that this popular Texas pit stop has some of the cleanest bathrooms you’ll find anywhere on the road. Be sure to let us know if you think the new tech is a further improvement next time you visit Buc-ee’s!

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