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Buc-ee’s Seeks New Location in Boerne

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When you’re taking a road trip across Texas, there’s one place that everyone in the car can agree is worthy of a stop – Buc-ee’s. With over 30 stores across the state, Buc-ee’s boasts clean restrooms, fresh food, souvenirs, soda fountains, and of course, gasoline. Now, they’re hoping to have a brand new location in Boerne.

Founder Don Wasek said, “We think Interstate 10 in Boerne is an ideal location… We think this would be a fabulous market.” This new store with around 120 gas pumps would be on the east side of Boerne near the former Jennings-Anderson Ford site.

My SA reports, “The company is asking Kendall County to rebate to the firm one-half of the county’s share of sales tax revenues to be generated by the project over the next 20 years, or a quarter of one percent.” This rebate would cover the $20 million build of Buc-ee’s and an additional $20 million devoted to four neighboring sites that will house smaller businesses.

The deal is not yet complete, but perhaps those traveling on I-10 in Boerne will one day be able to buy a cute plush beaver with a Buc-ee’s logo on it while munching on “Beaver Nuggets.”