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Buda Residents Can Cool Down in This New, Large Splashpad This Summer

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What is it about a splashpad that’s so joy-inducing? Is it the sound of water splattering to the ground with happy cries from children? Or is it the feeling that summer has truly arrived when splashpads are busy with visitors? Whatever the reason, the city of Buda will soon have the perfect place for families to happily gather and cool down. According to KVUE, the city council has entered a $286,148 contract with Vortex to develop a “1,400-square-foot splashpad at Green Meadows Park. The project is scheduled to begin construction mid-March and will take approximately four to six weeks to complete. With weather permitting, the splashpad will be ready for public use by June.”

Hays Free Press writes that the whole project will cost $359,000 with the majority of the funds going to the splashpad’s installation and the rest going toward a pump station and restroom. The large splashpad is more innovative than a simple surface with a few jets of shooting water. Hays Free Press describes the future feature as “completely immersive water experience with 717 square feet of active spray space. The splash pad will feature water cannons, cascading water designs and interactive jet streams for 28 to 56 patrons at a time.”