This Popular Coffee Liqueur is Made Right Here at Home

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Tony Maples Photography


The secret’s out — Caffe del Fuego, created by two All-American cousins with an obsession over high quality spirits, has slowly but surely been making its way into Texas Hill Country hot spots and onto store shelves.

Remington Family Distillery produces the liqueur favorite right here in our back yards, infusing their one-of-a kind spirits with coffee beans roasted right up I-35 at Austin Roasting Company.

“Most of the coffee liqueurs out there are far too sweet.  We wanted something that made coffee the main flavor profile, toning down the sugar quite a bit, so that all you have to do is pour [it] over ice,” said Peter Remington, the co-founder of the distillery.

The idea is certainly catching on. With so much local flavor, it’s difficult not to be impressed. It might seem counter-intuitive to mix everyone’s favorite caffeinated drink with alcohol, but that’s just not the case.

“Every bottle is prepared by hand by us.  Brewing fresh coffee and hand blending in Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla, dark cane sugar, and a neutral grain spirit adds extra time to our processing, but it’s the only way to deliver on the taste and quality we want to achieve.” said Remington.



To mix yourself a Fuego Blanco, pour 4-5 ounces of Fuego over ice, add a splash of high quality half ‘n half, and just give it a stir.


The Fuego Julep calls for an addition of fresh mint and local honey to about 2 oz. of Caffe del Fuego, which gives it a kick in the rear we quite enjoy.


They’ve already done the hard part over at Remington Family Distillery, so why not kick back, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy.

You can only purchase Caffe del Fuego right now at select locations around the Hill Country, including at Hays City Store in Driftwood, Twin Liquors in both Dripping Springs and San Marcos, and Alamo City Liquors in San Antonio. But, with as great as it is to imbibe with this local favorite, we’re sure it’s bound to expand to stores all around.