Budding Country Singer Alexandra Kay Shines with ‘Jolene’ Cover

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Alexandra Kay puts her best foot forward in this awesome cover of Dolly Parton’s famous hit, “Jolene”.

Her name may not be synonymous with country music success just yet, but with a voice like this, you’re bound to hear her on the radios soon enough. Dolly Parton’s classic and brilliant hit “Jolene” is given a new life from the lips of Alexandra Kay, whose vocal stylings bring an individual style to the song.

With just one man strumming the guitar behind her, this budding country singer knows how to work her natural instrument to bend around the notes just as Dolly does. She proves that you don’t need any more than a guitar and a voice to touch the hearts of listeners everywhere.

It’s hard not to be mesmerized any time this song is played, but Kay brings a youthful energy to the instant hit in an incredible effort. While she may never challenge Dolly Parton’s original vocals, she certainly brings a certain flavor to it that is modern and fun.

Watch this soon-to-be country star tackle one of the most difficult songs to sing in the country music canon and you’ll be convinced that she was born to be singing Dolly.