Dallas Man Excitedly Buys His Dad a $3 Million Bugatti Chiron

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Dallas resident Mayur Shree is really proud of his father, so much so that he bought him a $3 million Bugatti Chiron! This lavish car wasn’t easy to come by. Besides the gigantic price tag, the French automaker will only sell such an exclusive vehicle to someone with a resume and story to back it up. As NBC DFW explains, Shree had to show the company that he is a serious collector and owns other exotic, special cars and, “He agreed to buy another seven-figure Bugatti and shared his father’s inspirational tale of rising from teenage meat market worker to owning a warehouse empire in South Africa.”

In a YouTube video from the Dallas Morning News, it’s explained that Shree’s car is the first Bugatti Chiron shipped to Texas. When the news shot footage of Shree with the Chiron, he had already driven it around town a bit, and he was all smiles while talking about how much he and his dad have enjoyed the car. “It’s really quiet and nimble around town, yet you’re constantly reminded of the power that it has,” he said.

Check out the photos and video below from Shree’s Instagram to see the interesting coloration of the car and the incredibly detailed red interior.

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