Woman Learns How to Build a House From YouTube Tutorials

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Cara Brookins fled an abusive relationship with her four children in the early 2000s. She didn’t have enough money to purchase a home for her family, but she did have enough for the supplies to build one. After crunching the numbers, Brookins embarked on a mission to protect her children and bring them all closer by constructing a home together. Since Brookins had never built anything more complicated than a bookshelf, she decided to learn how to build by watching YouTube tutorial videos.

“With just a little bit at a time, we figured out how to lay a foundation block. There was a lot of asking people at Home Depot for help, too,” WFAA quotes Brookins. According to Fox 59, it took nine months for the family to construct their new five-bedroom abode.

Now, Brookins has penned a book titled “Rise” chronicling their journey. The memoir has already earned rave reviews. “It has been a very long time since I have read a book as singular and as profoundly moving as “Rise.” “‘Rise,’ by turns daunting and uplifting, gives new meaning to the concepts of heroism and sacrifice, and it is a remarkable construct in itself,” Les Standiford, author of “Water to the Angels,” stated on