‘Building a Brighter Future’ Unveils Texas State Park Beauty Resulting from Responsible Use of Public Funds

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In 2015, the 84th Texas Legislature passed a landmark series of bills that would allow Texas State Parks to receive 94 percent of state sales tax revenues from sporting goods, and increased flexibility to expend those dollars where they were most needed. In honor and recognition of that, Texas Parks and Wildlife developed a video showcasing all that is worthy of such funding, and then some, in order that Texans can continue to benefit from and enjoy park space throughout the Lone Star State.

Providing a list of the improvement projects that are attributed to this funding, as well as updates on the expenditures, TXPW provided a link to in the description of this video on their official YouTube channel. Entitled “Building a Brighter Future for Texas State Parks,” the video has a playing length of 95 seconds in which to highlight much of the beauty, valuable natural settings, and incomparable green space in which Texans can take pride and enjoy. It also makes note of the hard times as well as the good that have befallen state parks.

Set to an instrumental soundtrack and referencing the beautiful backdrops that can be found for family fun or individual enjoyment at Texas state parks from the Gulf to the Panhandle, and all points east to west, the “Building a Brighter Future for Texas State Parks” video is a masterpiece of showcasing pride in state as well as responsible management of public funds. If you’re interested in finding out more information on valuable projects in Texas state parks near you for which such dollars are earmarked, visit for details.