Building Highway 288’s Expansion Begins

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On Tuesday, TxDOT broke ground on construction that will take place in six segments along Highway 288 between Beltway 8, the 610 Loop, and U.S. 59. Houston Public Media says that the addition of toll lanes, ramps, and bridges will cost about $815 million.

The toll lanes will be built in the middle of the Highway 288 from U.S. 59 to Clear Creek. Two lanes moving each direction will be added. “Along with accommodating thousands of commuters, the lanes will also provide additional capacity for hurricane evacuations,” Houston Public Media writes. The new connecting ramps will be constructed at the 610 Loop, Beltway 8, and the Medical Center.

Click2Houston warns that commuters should take note that construction will impact Beltway 8 and the 610 Loop as well. By the summer of 2019, all of the work should be completed, and Houstonians should be cruising down the highway faster than ever.

By hovering over the map’s camera icons on the TxDOT website, you can see renderings of how the lanes will look when they’re completed. Check back periodically for any updates and any concerns you might have about the project. There’s also a Twitter account you can follow for news.