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Solo Serve Building Pollutes San Antonio River Walk During Demolition

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“We saw it coming. When they were breaking down the wall (earlier), there were big rocks hanging from the wire fence,” Mexican Manhattan restaurant manager Ramiro Rascon told the San Antonio Express-News regarding debris from the demolition of the Solo Serve building at 114 Soledad St.

According to MySA.com, when the old building was being torn down, part of it fell onto the River Walk sidewalk and water on Wednesday afternoon. “The debris pushed the cover from the temporary walkway, consisting of plywood and other materials, into the river,” they explained.

Thankfully, the sidewalk was closed, so no one was hurt. Though a man driving a barge was close by and had to turn back once he came across the damage, unable to pass. Crews had to work into the night to clean up the mess, but officials say the river’s flow was not impeded.

The old Solo Serve building lot will eventually become home to a nine-story hotel from Houston-based developers at Vista Host. Even though the demolition and future construction makes the area of the River Walk a bit noisy, Rascon says that their nearby business is excited to see how things will improve once the new hotel is built.