New Buildings in China Will be the First ‘Vertical Forests’

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Italian architect Stefano Boeri has dreamt up an otherworldly design for the Nanjing Towers in China. This gorgeous piece of architecture will be China’s first “vertical forest” with enough plants covering its surface to provide 132 pounds of oxygen daily.

According to BoredPanda, “Each tower will stand 656ft and 354ft respectively, and between them they’ll house over 1,000 trees and approximately 2,500 shrubs from 23 different local species.” Judging from the computer renderings, the buildings will have a beautiful, lush green look and texture, helping them to stand out from the rest of the city. says, “The taller tower will hold offices, a museum, a green architecture school, and a rooftop club. The second tower will host a 247-room Hyatt hotel and rooftop swimming pool.” Every balcony will allow visitors to touch the plants adorning the building.

The buildings will be finished in 2018, and they’re hoping that it will inspire others to build green towers. If the idea sounds familiar, it might due to Boeri’s other successful green skyscrapers built in Italy called Bosco Verticale. According to Arch Daily, the two buildings hold “80 and 112 metres, hosting 480 large and medium trees, 300 small trees, 11,000 perennial and covering plants and 5,000 shrubs.”

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