Adorable Bunny Eared Succulents Growing in Popularity

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Who knew that a plant could be so cute? Monilaria obconica is a breed of succulent that’s growing in popularity, especially in Japan, a country known for appreciating cuteness. Since the plant looks as if it’s sporting little bunny ears, people are snapping photos of it that are going viral throughout social media.

Metro says that while the bunny ear stage of the plant is adorable, the plant doesn’t always appear that way. “The bunny ears are part of the growing process, eventually giving way to blooming flowers that sit atop the succulents,” they write.

Bored Panda explains that the new Monilaria obconica craze stemmed from a tweet from @celely1128 that’s been retweeted over 31K times and liked over 42K times. After the initial post of the “baby bunny” stage, they tweeted more photos of the succulent. The “ears” continue to grow and eventually sprout beautiful white flowers.

Mashable writes that if you want to purchase some seeds to grow your own bunnies, search for monilaria moniliformis or monilaria obconica, but don’t get your hopes up. It seems like most rare succulent vendors are out of the seeds due to a sudden rise in popularity.