A Burger King Location Dressed up as a ‘Spooky’ McDonald’s

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In Queens, New York, a Burger King location has taken Halloween and unconventional advertising to a whole new level. Currently, the entire fast food restaurant is dressed up as a ghostly McDonald’s, complete with billowing white sheets, eyeholes and “McDonald’s” scrawled across the white fabric.

Burger King uploaded a YouTube video that shows a couple of close-ups of the location’s costume. Above the “eyeholes” that show the Burger King logo peaking through on their huge sign, they painted two yellow arches that resemble the iconic McDonald’s logo and serve as makeshift “eyebrows” for the costumed ghost.

Like many people may be wondering, Fox 5 was curious to find out what McDonald’s thought of the Halloween prank. In true marketing genius fashion, a spokesperson for the company told Business Insider, “Who wouldn’t want to masquerade as McDonald’s for Halloween when we are serving up treats like McCafe beverages, apple pies and our World Famous Fries.”

Burger King further committed to the “scary” concept that they had turned into McDonald’s by making mostly blank food containers that also feature the handwritten McDonald’s logo. In the wake of the national clown mischief that’s caused Ronald McDonald to go into hiding, this fast food Halloween celebration might lighten the mood a bit.