Experts Say This is a Great Time to Buy Flights For Your Next Vacation

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Even though many people travel for the holidays, that doesn’t mean they necessarily had a vacation. WFAA writes that when they asked their readers on Facebook what they didn’t receive on their holiday “wish list,” one reader, Leeanna Javier Martinez replied, “A nice break.”

In order to plan a true vacation in 2018, WFAA compiled a list of helpful tips including buying plane tickets 30 days in advance of your travel, starting a trip on a Friday and checking out and to find low flight prices.

Also, this Sunday (January 14) is a great day to purchase plane tickets. This Sunday should see a drop in prices due to an “…effort to attract consumers during the winter, which is typically a slow time for travel…the best bargains will be on flights in January and February.” It’s recommended that you should always try to buy domestic flight tickets on a Sunday when they tend to be cheaper and avoid buying any on Fridays.

Business Insider echoes that the best time to buy flights is the first two weeks of January and that often flight prices see a peak in March. “During the first two weeks of January in the sample period, domestic flights were around 16% cheaper than the yearly average, while international flights were as much as 36% cheaper,” they write, according to research from Skyscanner.