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Now You Can Buy Luby’s Mac and Cheese at H-E-B

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“Our famous classic with pasta and a creamy American cheese sauce,” reads the front of the box for Luby’s new frozen mac and cheese. The cover says that each container should serve about five family members. But for Texans who grew up loving Luby’s macaroni and cheese as their favorite side dish at the cafeteria restaurant, it might not be enough for five!

Luby’s and H-E-B announced the partnership on Friday, and according to MySA.com, both the regular and jalapeño version of the dish will be available starting this Monday at 270 stores across Texas. Each package will be sold for $6.95 (for 40 ounces.)

On their Facebook page, Luby’s already posted a photo of a completely empty shelf where the mac and cheese has completely sold out. Commenters on their page already want more choices. A few people inquired about the possibility of offering their fried fish as a frozen meal. “We plan to introduce the fried fish version as well early next year!” Luby’s happily replied.

If you’re wondering which H-E-B stores offer the frozen macaroni, they’re patiently answering each person’s question on their Facebook page. Please note that they are not available at Central Market locations.