Cabbage Roll Soup: Hearty, Healthy Fall Time Comfort Food

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Making cabbage rolls requires some time and effort, and if they’re one of your favorite recipes, you’ll definitely put in both just to get a taste of that warm, hearty goodness. But if you’re pressed for time and still dying to try something just as delicious, why not try Cabbage Roll Soup? The perfect way to enjoy this wonderful cabbage creation, you can make a batch with Texas ground beef, ground pork, and rice that will simmer nicely in a tasty tomato broth until you’re ready to sample this beautiful bowl of warm goodness.

Spend With Pennies managed to create a recipe for this savory meal that is a one-pot wonder, and definitely saves you the time, which still creating a meal masterpiece. By browning the meat in advance, you can easily compile the dish by placing that together with all other ingredients into your stock pot to cook on the stove. The outcome is hearty soup filled with cabbage, rice, and meat that’s a seamless fall or winter supper. Stew-like in appearance and texture, if you’re looking for something thinner, the recipe writer suggests adding more broth to change the consistency. Either way, pair it with a slice of warm, buttered bread and a side of salad, and you’re good to go!

Cabbage Roll Soup

Cabbage Roll Soup: Hearty, Healthy Fall Time Comfort Food


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Ground Beef

Ground Pork

Long Grain Rice


Beef Broth


Spend With Pennies has posted all ingredient amounts and recipe steps for preparing this tasty soup on their website. The directions are easy-to-follow, saving you even more time than had you been preparing a full tray of the actual rolls themselves. The result is something that can also be frozen for future dinners or lunches, but it’s doubtful you’ll have many leftovers for how delicious this recipe turns out!