Video About a Cactus ‘Food Trend’ Has Some Viewers Rolling Their Eyes

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When NowThis Food posted a video on Facebook about a week ago asking the question, “Will eating cactus become the hottest food trend of 2018?” Many Texans couldn’t help but roll their eyes a little.

In the video, NowThis Food explains that since cacti can grow under intense weather conditions and need little water, it can aid countries with food famine issues and can be the perfect food to lean with the change in weather across the planet. While the facts presented in the video are all rather interesting and not necessarily worth any internet outrage, the question of calling cactus a “hot food trend” and barely acknowledging how important cacti, better known as nopales, is in Latin American cuisine had some commenters raising their eyebrows.

Giselle Laureano wrote, “Y’all better not!! I don’t need nopales going up an entire $2 because Americans think it’s the new avocado toast.” Like the Statesman explains, “More than a thousand people responded with overwhelming disapproval of what they felt was an attempt to minimize a staple of Mexican cuisine.” As Nora Pena-Smith wrote in the Facebook comments, “It has never been a trend in Mexico, it has always been the MOST emblematic food of our country.”