Woman Makes Cakes to Send to Internet Trolls to ‘Eat Their Words’

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Kat Thek started Troll Cakes Bakery and Detective Agency as a playful way of dealing with disparaging comments online. In an act of puzzling, yet pleasant, absurdity she mails chocolate chip brownie cakes with rude, trolling comments placed on top to the people who wrote the comment.

Thek told CNN she started making Troll Cakes when she saw an oddly mean comment on Dolly Parton’s Facebook page that said, “Your mama be so disappointed.” She thought it was funny due to its ridiculousness, but also found it sad that someone felt the need to post a negative sentiment out of the blue. “We’re so comfortable being the worst version of ourselves,” she said. “Live your life as though everything you’re gonna do could be put on a cake.”

Customers can order sweets for any internet troll and either provide the offender’s address or let Troll Cakes Bakery track them down by performing a simple search. The troll receives the delicious cake in a box with confetti, a screenshot of their comment, and a link to the Troll Cakes website.

Thek isn’t worried about the trolls, but she hopes her customers feel a sense of resolve from responding with a bizarre social interaction with something equally strange but cheerful.

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Comment from Amy Schumer's instagram account, regarding her new movie with Goldie Hawn.

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Comment from Gal Gadot's instagram account, regarding Wonder Woman. #trollcakes

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