Tasty Campfire Snacks Kids Can Make That Are Easy and Classic

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Easy recipes that anyone can do with their kids while camping are generally tops on any parent’s list for summertime fun. Here in Texas, we tend to have our own take on some campfire snack classics, but it never hurts to add to the arsenal. Camping, in general, is a fun experience for any family that allows for memory-making which can’t be beaten. Add to that the taste sensation of something you wouldn’t normally make at home, and your kids will always remember “…that time when,” using the flavorful creations shown here.

When camping, it’s not necessary to take along the latest, greatest gear to make for some wonderful nights out under the stars. The same goes for camping treats. Items that require minimal ingredients, minimal tools, and maybe some mini hands to help make are always a hit with the camping crew. On the Outdoor Boys YouTube channel, you’ll find a great mixture of tips and tricks for everything from cleaning and seasoning old cast iron to knife-making! It’s a handy channel for those interested in useful techniques and information that truly comes in handy. Their list of “10 BEST Campfire snacks…” includes:

  • Roasted Strawberries
  • Roasted Starbursts
  • Cinnamon Rolls on a Stick
  • Baked Apple
  • Kettle Corn,
  • Nutella S’mores
  • Campfire Churros
  • Campfire Doughnuts
  • Campfire Banana Split
  • Baked Yams

Each of these campfire snack items is designed to focus on fun with your children while cooking in the great outdoors. Subsequently, they’re quick, easy-to-make, and tasty – depending on your preferences. Those who take their kids or grandkids camping can quickly pack the ingredients in an appropriate cooler or bag, get your fire going at night, and snack ’til the cows come home. For those who simply want a backyard treat, these are perfect as well. Whichever way you slice it (especially the cinnamon rolls on a stick!), both you and the kids will get a kick out of the novelty of cooking these snacks over the open fire.