Campfire Tequila Queso Has Texas Written All Over It

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There is one thing campers, in general, and Texans have in common. They love queso. Texas is famous for the types, varieties, and taste we have for dipping our chips in this stuff! As any camper knows, a quick and delicious melted cheese can make an evening’s campfire worth writing home about. You can sit down, melt the meal, and have it good to go in no time flat. That’s what this Campfire Tequila Queso recipe is all about.

Cooking on the campfire has its own sort of great smells, memories, and fun times associated with it. When you add queso to the mix, you’re looking at adult fun that may even surpass that of making s’mores (we said “may…”). Making Campfire Tequila Queso can work either as an appetizer or as the main course, because, um, you’re camping. It can either hold your appetite at bay or bed it down. Whichever works for you. And making use of tinfoil pans helps produce this dish relatively pain-free, with very little in the way of clean-up afterward. It’s a no fuss, no muss dish that can also be given its own Lone Star State spin… like maybe throw in some jalapenos!


Campfire Tequila Queso Has Texas Written All Over It

Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Monterey Jack cheese

Cream cheese


Lime juice


Cooking Life to the Fullest is the website that you have to thank for this nugget of creamy cheesy goodness! They share the full ingredient list together with the easy steps to prepare the dish while someone else at your campsite is busy getting your fire ready and the tents/trailers set up for the night. Aside from a fast preparation time, the cooking time is equally as speedy. You can have this ready after 15 minutes over some hot coals, which is about as much time as it might take for you and your friends to do a shot of tequila in the meantime! So, get your ingredients, get your favorite chips for dipping, and get thee to a campground, where you’ll soon be enjoying Campfire Tequila Queso like it’s going out of style!