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‘Can Ban’ Returns to New Braunfels in Effort to Curb Littering: Citations Already Being Issued

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Littering is taken quite seriously in the Texas Hill Country as witnessed by the city of New Braunfels imposing its “can ban” once again on those who intend on tubing and possibly drinking/eating in the process. This isn’t the first year that the city has placed the ban in effect, and as a result, many are paying a high cost for disposing of their litter along the way.

Over the last three years, those floating in New Braunfels have been granted permission to bring cans as well as other types of disposable containers with them, based on a 2014 ruling citing that the city’s ban was unconstitutional. However, that decision was reversed in the state appeals court, which allowed for the ban to be reinstated. Subsequently, Memorial Day weekend saw the issuance of close to 80 citations, including two for oversized coolers.

'Can Ban’ Returns to New Braunfels in Effort to Curb Littering: Citations Already Being Issued

Photo: Facebook/ConCan, Texas

In an interview with local media, New Braunfels River Operations manager Amy Niles noted, “We’re going to have to educate and work with them to find some solutions. It’s easier to come prepared.” Floaters on the Comal River and Guadalupe River (below Gruene Bridge) considered within city limits, can still drink whatever they wish, but their beverages are now required to be in a non-disposable container – which means no water bottles, cans, zip locks, Styrofoam coolers, or chip bags. “Anything that is designed to be used once and then disposed of is no longer allowed on the river,” explained Niles. “It’s clean water and it’s clear and it’s a pretty place to be so we want to keep all the trash out.” Those given a ticket for not obeying the ordinance could see fines as high as $500.