Cancer Patient Gives Birth to Healthy Quadruplets

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After five months of chemotherapy, Kayla Gaytan went into remission. Then, she discovered a much more pleasant surprise growing in her body. Gaytan was truly flabbergasted when she saw four embryos on an ultrasound. This Tennessee mom was going to have quadruplets!

Multiple births are rare, but having quadruplets is extremely rare. In fact, Huggies says that 90 percent of all multiple births are twins and the 10 percent leftover is split between triplets and so on. “The most common variety of quadruplets is formed when four separate eggs are fertilised by four separate sperm. There are however, a range of possibilities when it comes to the different combinations of quadruplets and how they are conceived. Quadruplets may be identical, non identical or a combination of both,” Huggies explains.

In the New Year, Gaytan gave birth, and while the babies are happy and healthy, she and her husband, a Fort Campbell soldier, have to gear up for another battle. Last month she found out that her cancer had returned. “You think you’ve beat it the first time. When it comes back, you’re just wondering why get pregnant with these four babies and then, you know, something like this happens,” Gaytan told ABC 13.

Gaytan vows to fight off the cancer once again.