Candy Cane Cocoa: A Texas Tree-Trimming Must for Holiday Cheer

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The perfect drink to sip while trimming the tree is Candy Cane Cocoa. The rich chocolate blending with peppermint is reminiscent of the After 8 chocolates people used to gift for Christmas. It actually seems like cocoa with a small touch of holiday cheer.

For this recipe, you crush the candy canes in order to create a type of peppermint dust. Add this to hot milk and maybe even add some chocolate chips to make your cocoa even more chocolatey! Soon enough you’ll be drinking a hot beverage that would make Mr. Claus himself proud. Sitting around your fireplace, decorating the tree and drinking Candy Cane Cocoa will be the highlight of your Texas holidays. Shared by AllRecipes, the full list of ingredients and instructions are easy to follow.

Candy Cane Cocoa

Candy Cane Cocoa: A Texas Tree-Trimming Must for Holiday Cheer


Ingredients for this recipe include:


Whipped Cream

Peppermint Candy Canes


INSTRUCTIONS: provides easy-to-follow instructions, including a video link. Preparation time is five minutes and cooking time is 10 minutes. So, in 15 minutes, you could be relaxing with your feet up following a tree trimming fest that will leave your neighbors envious!