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Canine Security Added Customer Service Feature at San Antonio H-E-B Locations

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Canine patrols will now be seen at seven area H-E-B locations, ensuring the security of patrons in store parking lots. Working with Houston-based Strategic Executive and Logistical Security (S.E.A.L.) Security Solutions, the chain of supermarkets is translating their trademark “Here everything’s better,” into a paw-sitive and proactive statement.

Deter or Make Potential Offenders Think Twice

Canine Security Added Customer Service Feature At San Antonio H-E-B Locations

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In efforts to deter would-be thieves and instigators, H-E-B has hired the canine patrols together with their human handlers who are also certified security officers, perhaps causing a potential criminal to think twice. In an interview with mySA.com, H-E-B spokeswoman, Julie Bedingfield identified, “Our primary function with this partnership is to bring in what we feel is a visual crime deterrent and to hopefully prevent crime before it even starts.” With this in mind, the San Antonio, Texas-based chain hired S.E.A.L., in 2016 with canine patrols commencing in January 2017.

Friendly and Helpful Customer Service

Canine Security Added Customer Service Feature At San Antonio H-E-B Locations

Photo: Facebook/H-E-B

The seven San Antonio H-E-B stores will have the patrol pairing of one human and one canine security officer. Bedingfield noted that the privately-owned chain hopes that its shoppers will see the dogs as an added customer service, both friendly and helpful, prompting them to approach the pair. “They’re just like my goofy 2-year-old golden retriever, except much better trained than mine is,” Bedingfield noted. H-E-B has 350 stores across the state of Texas as well as into northeast Mexico. Among these efforts to maximize shoppers’ experience and safety, the corporation also donates 5% of its pre-tax profits to charity.