Canoes Allowed on San Antonio’s River Walk for One Day Only

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Anyone who has visited the San Antonio River Walk can recall the famous restaurants, public art, pretty lights and a select few tour boats that are the only things approved to travel in the shallow water (other than ducks, of course.)

Yet, on the morning of Saturday, August 6th, the River Walk will allow more than just tour boats and ducks in the yearly Ford Canoe Challenge! The competition is a mile and a half in length and involves two-person teams canoeing in timed heats.

This tradition began in 1969 for Boy and Girl Scouts to participate in teamwork. In the 1980s, the challenge opened up to involve the public in racing along the river at 602 E. Commerce Street.

The Ford Canoe Challenge’s website states that they also have a “Celebrity” course. You must be invited to enter in that category, unless you play for the Spurs. In that case, they’ll let you right in!

An additional draw is the costume contest. As their website says, “All registered participants may also enter, at no additional cost, a costume contest. 2015 winners were sharks. Previous years’ winners include pirates, Gilligan’s Island cast, zombies and much more. Be creative. I guess this is the “laugh” portion of the event.”

Make your plans to see the River Walk during this year’s Challenge.