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TPWD Confirms that Canyon Lake is Infested with Zebra Mussels

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This week, Texas Parks and Wildlife officials determined that Canyon Lake in Comal County is infested with zebra mussels. KSAT says the striped shell invaders were first found on a boat in the marina, leading officials to test other parts of the water. Since traces of the mussels were found in three locations, Canyon Lake has been deemed the southernmost lake in Texas infested with the creatures.

TexasInvasives.org says that even though these mussels look harmless and small (about 1.5” long), they can destroy the aspects we love about Texas lakes. “One zebra mussel can produce up to one million microscopic larvae. Zebra mussels can cause tremendous environmental and economic damage – hurting aquatic life, damaging your boat, hindering water recreation and even threatening your water supply,” they explain.

Since the mussels can survive for days on an undrained boat, it iss pertinent that boaters rinse off their boat, drain off all of the water, and get their vessel nice and dry. Aside from protecting our lakes, it is also legally in everyone’s best interest to not let zebra mussels tag along for a ride. Getting caught with the mussels can lead to a $500 fine and a Class C misdemeanor!