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Capital Metro Decides to Revamp Austin’s Transit System

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“Major investments to build a better bus network will kick-off in 2018, and will continue paying off over the next 10 years. Austin desperately needs more mobility options, and this plan delivers the type of innovation and services people want,” KUT quotes Capital Metro President and CEO Linda Watson.

Improving public transportation services has been a loud plea from Austinites as the city grows so quickly. Capital Metro wants to respond to the need for more buses taking daily “frequent routes” and increasing the number of people who can and will use their services. These improvements are part of Connections 2025 plan that will “overhaul” the city’s transportation system.

But before Capital Metro moves forward on the improvement plans, they first have to get through one of the most intense times of year for the city’s public transportation system, the South by Southwest festival. On the Cap MetroBlog, the organization has an updated guide for residents and visitors to use in order to navigate the city during the festivities that take over much of the downtown area.

“There’s really no need for you to spend any mental energy on where to leave your car, how much parking costs or appointing a designated driver. Leave all that to us by jumping on MetroRapid to or taking MetroRail,” they write.