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You Aren’t Imagining It – Car Crashes Are Increasing in Houston

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The New York Times writes that even though cars have become more technologically advanced with features that improve one’s safety, and more laws have been put into place to prevent actions like texting and driving, the number of fatalities on American roads in the past two years has risen 14 percent. Alarmingly, Chron.com reports that the Houston-Galveston Area Council has seen a 40 percent rise in collisions in the area in the past five years.

Plausible reasons for the rise in traffic accidents are an increase in distracted driving (such as looking at one’s cell phone), and a better economy that leads to more people needing to travel and, of course, being able to afford vehicles. According to the Times, half of the crashes that end in death are due to the person not wearing a seatbelt, and a third are due to drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Houstonians might want to be particularly careful in what’s being called their “worst traffic hotspot” on I-45 S, Exit 46A to Exit 63. Chron.com says that worldwide transportation analysis from INRIX determined that Houston has 4,417 hotspots of traffic across the city, ranking it the eighth most congested city in the U.S.