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There’s a New Car ‘Vending Machine’ in Houston

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Customers use Carvana to trade in or shop for cars online, and now, they can retrieve their newly purchased vehicle from a massive vending machine in Houston!

KHOU explains that once car-buyers exchange their payment for a big special coin, they insert it into the contraption and watch their car deliver itself by coming down from its place in the huge glass construction. Of course, the car doesn’t drop down or have the potential to get stuck like a bag of chips in a regular vending machine. This vending machine works very carefully and precisely to deliver the cars to the ground.

Thirty vehicles can fit in the 8-level high building that catches everyone’s eye when driving down I-10 close to Beltway 8. Carvana states that this is their second vending machine, but this one is quite a bit larger than the first location in Nashville (since everything is bigger in Texas.)

“Houston is a natural fit for a Car Vending Machine, and we are thrilled to be able to offer customers this unique and, we hope, memorable pick-up option in addition to the free, as-soon-as-next-day delivery services we launched in Houston late last year,” Digital Trends quotes Carvana CEO Ernie Garcia.