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Career Point College Blindsides Students With Immediate Shutdown

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Larry Earle, Career Point College president and CEO, abruptly announced on Sunday that the for-profit, two-year college would shut down all of their classes immediately and permanently.

KSAT sums up the letter announcing the closure by explaining that “school management had received information that employees have violated rules related to student aid. Earle said the college self-reported the incident to the Department of Education. Then, the college “exhausted all available resources” and “had no choice but to close.”

On their website, Career Point tells students that they’re trying to connect with other organizations “to conduct a ‘teach-out’ of your current program.  Several institutions are interested.” They promise students they will continue to communicate and “schedule times for you to pick-up records and additional information.”

But this minimal response isn’t enough for students to feel secure and appreciated by the college. People are taking to social media to voice their opinions about the situation that blindsided them, and some are even protesting outside of the campuses.

Many are posting on Career Point’s Facebook page, wondering if they’ll still have to pay their loans, if they’ll be able to get their transcripts, and of course, how will they get their money back for classes they didn’t get to complete. For now, it seems like students are left in an unfair and uninformed limbo.