Carlsbad Man Reaches Out to Strangers to Get to His Dying Fiancé

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The vast geography of the Permian Basin felt cruel to Carlsbad resident James Davis who couldn’t afford to reach his dying fiancé Crystal on Christmas who was all the way in Lubbock in the hospital. CBS 7 reports that last week, James found Crystal lying on the floor of their home not breathing. After administering CPR, James called 911, and Crystal was then taken to the nearest hospital.

Unfortunately, their local hospital couldn’t help Crystal, so she was flown to Lubbock to be treated for kidney issues and congestive heart failure. There wasn’t enough room for James on the flight, so he had to stay behind. Heartbroken and low on funds, James reached out to anyone who would listen on the Ector County Trading Post page on Facebook. In the group of nearly 30K members, one man, in particular, didn’t hesitate to tell his family they were going on a road trip on Christmas Day to help a stranger. Kermit resident Hector Galindo and his family rose to the occasion and got James to the hospital in Lubbock.

“I wish my wife was able to meet them,” James told CBS 7. “I wish she was able to know that there was people that didn’t even know us that really cared and went out of their way [to help us.] They’re the most amazing people I’ve ever met in the 21 years of my life.”

Tragically, according to a GoFundMe account set up to help with medical expenses, it appears that Crystal only has a one percent chance of living through this ordeal.