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Cars Destroyed by Harvey Sent to Baytown Raceway Auto Graveyard

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The Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown has stands filled with racing fans and parking lots packed with cool cars during their regular events, but this year, they will suspend drag racing. The raceway will become a “graveyard” of sorts for vehicles that are no longer functional due to flooding in the Houston area from Harvey. ABC 13 reports that wreckers have been lining up to deliver everything from boats to Ferraris to sit in rows in the parking lots. It’s estimated that about 10,000 cars are currently “resting in peace” at the 400-acre raceway.

On Facebook, the Royal Purple Raceway conveyed that they wanted to rise to the occasion by providing a service during Houston’s time of need. Like Vice President and General Manager Seth Angel said, “Some things transcend racing and when you see half of our city underwater, you obviously have to prioritize your energies and resources. Our focus and priority over the next few months will be on helping our community rebuild and get back on its feet.” Business will resume as usual for the raceway next year.

To understand the mind-boggling amount of cars that were rendered useless from Harvey, take a look at the videos below uploaded to Instagram.