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Robber Pulls Cash Register Through Drive-Thru Window in San Antonio

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Before Thanksgiving, a woman was caught on tape, and shared by Global News, crawling through a drive-through window and taking out the cash register in a McDonald’s location in Maryland. (She was later arrested and dubbed “the Hamburglar” by media.) Cash register robberies through drive-thru windows have spread, and KENS 5 has reported that on Wednesday morning a similar crime was committed in San Antonio at I-10 and S. W.W. White Road at a McDonald’s.

According to the news and police, a man wearing a hoodie and a bandana approached the window with a gun and knocked loudly. Employees say the forceful knocks sounded exactly like gunshots, so they hid in the back while the armed man came through the window and got away with the register. Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident. KSAT says that there wasn’t even any money in the register.

These cases seem to be occurring across the United States. In late September, The Advocate reports that a man grabbed a register through a Taco Bell window in New Orleans while only sticking his upper body through the small space. And in August, a man robbed a McDonald’s in Houston, according to ABC 13. The incidents could continue to spread since they are receiving national attention like the viral “Hamburglar.”