Castroville Welcomes Those With an Eye for Style and a Mind for Historic Beauty

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Released by the Castroville Chamber of Commerce on their YouTube channel, a 4.5-minute commercial of sorts welcomes visitors to tour this beautiful Texas Hill Country city. Castroville features “…cozy accommodations, fine dining, unique shops, museums, recreational spaces, and beautiful parks…” among other terrific amenities.

Founded in 1844, Castroville sits just 15 miles west of the city of San Antonio and is known as the “Little Alsace of Texas.” The city has done an excellent job of blending its Alsatian heritage with the “…flare of the American rural west.” Home to a variety of accommodations, this Texas Hill Country gem is perfect for a single-day trip or one that covers a number of nights.

Having a gorgeous hilltop hotel and spa, a stay in the lap of luxury isn’t hard to acquire in Castroville. If you’re looking for quaint and peaceful, a variety of bed & breakfasts can be found here as well. One stand-out in particular is the Landmark Inn, a State Historic Site. Many of these hotels and B&Bs have developed from the actual homes of Castroville’s original settlers and feature an array of antiques with which to surround yourself when visiting. There is also a great choice of dining options in the city, ranging from traditional comfort food to Mexican, German, and French cuisine. To top it off, there are beautifully stylish gift and boutique shops dotting Castroville which will appeal to your shopping side, while the self-guided walking tour of town will take you past over 60 historic dwellings. There’s so much more to see and do in Castroville, and this video is a wonderful way to showcase the finer points of life, right here in the Texas Hill Country!